Triad Systems has over 80 years collective Engineering and Manufacturing support experience in the local area.

Finding an effective Technical Recruitment Services company with a solid reputation can be a daunting task. Online job boards and their related firms seem to be popping up overnight. But how do you know if they can be of benefit to you and your organization? Dynamic, efficient applicant screening is the key.   It's easy to get a stack of potential employee resumes but who has the time to quickly separate the gold from the dross? We do.   When you work with us, you're working with a proven service provider that can quickly source ready and willing qualified candidates for your open positions. 

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Our Services


Triad Systems knows that the ability to find, hire and retain top talent for key technical positions is critical to an organization's success.

We hire competent, highly-skilled Assemblers, Technicians, IT Specialists, Engineers, Programmers, Administrators, CNC Machinists and so much more.

In the ever-changing dynamics of today's job market, a company will surge ahead or fall woefully behind depending on their ability to obtain and retain key employees. We have assisted companies, large and small, to find the best Engineering and Manufacturing employees without wasting time. How do we do it? "Thorough Applicant Screening!" The ability to identify an individual and determine if they are right for a particular job and organization is the crux of Triad's support process.  Every individual that we submit for a position is screened for 8 key elements that determine if they are a suitable candidate for your job. 

Let's face it, anyone involved with the hiring process in your organization, from Human Resources to hiring managers, knows what it's like to wade through scores of resumes and countless interviews looking for one person. Triad Systems is a process driven organization dedicated to perfecting the technology of Engineering and Manufacturing support. That fact coupled with our extensive experience in these industries ensures consistent and positive results every time.


Triad Systems can offer your organization Human Resource professionals who can be stationed at your facility on a full or part-time basis.  These individuals can coordinate the hiring process (on-site) and free your HR department to deal with other matters.  Additionally, Triad can offer your organization reporting that tracks the metrics of the hiring process to maximize efficiency.  Contact us directly for more information on this service


When your organization has questions on how to build successful recruitment campaigns,  employee retention or seeks new ideas on how to build a better human resources department Triad can help.  Our consultants can help you administrate everything from insurance issues and benefits administration to saving your company thousands with off the shelf hardware and software solutions.

Our professionals can work directly at your facility or if you prefer in an off-site capacity.  We can tailor a program to meet your organization's needs at the lowest possible cost.

For more information on how Triad Systems can benefit your organization call our offices at 800-820-6811. 

Applicant Background Investigations

Background Investigations – Triad Systems has the capability to perform all-inclusive background checks, locally and nationwide.  All possible court systems and registries throughout the United States and its Territories including Guam and Puerto Rico can be thoroughly researched for criminal, civil and sex-offender violations.

Laboratory Skill Testing -  Triad Systems has a state-of-the-art skill testing lab equipped with microscopic soldering stations, test bench equipment and production level testing methods.   IPC610 and J-Std 001(b) qualified trainers and inspectors review the tests before we send out the candidates for an interview.   We also test for the following skills:

  • Mechanical Inspection and Assembly
  • Electronic Test/Troubleshooting
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Machine Operation
  • Administrative/Computer
  • MIS/Tech Support


Triad Systems Testimonials 

  • Triad Systems has consistently been able to provide our company with qualified talent. - Jim V.P./ Major Aerospace Systems Contractor
  • For more than 20 years Triad has been able to source really tough to find engineers and on one assignment even located Medical Doctors to help us in the design of Space Suits.  The other agencies didn't come close. -Judy Procurement Specialist/ Major Aerospace Manufacturer   
  • Triad really knows the dynamics of commercial production.  They're able to get the people we need, when we need them.  - Juan Production Supervisor/ Contract Manufacturer.
  • The main thing we like about using Triad is that they don't send people over who aren't qualified and that saves us a lot of time and hassle.  -Sue H.R./ Cosmetics Chemical Manufacturing
  • Triad Systems is a step ahead of the other agencies when we need IT guys on short notice -Dave Owner/ Datcom Service Provider
  • When we need conventional or CNC machinists Triad is our first call -Angelo Shop Foreman/ Aerospace Parts Manufacturer 

For more testimonials or information on how Triad Systems can be of service to your organization please call us at 800-820-6811 or email cyril@triadsystems.com

If you are looking to join a team of professionals who are highly motivated to bring about positive outcomes, then join our team today!